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        咨 詢 :400-003-1469
        電 話 :(0353)2591440 (0353)2591441

        (0353)2590751 (0353)2590307


        地 址 :山西省陽泉市新建路366號

        傳 真 :(0353)2591469 2591781
        郵 碼 :045000
        網 址 :www.yieder.com
        技術中心 | COMPANY

        Foreign cooperation

        Making use of the large-scale test equipment and human resources of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, formed the sharing of resources, information communication, technical training, technology transfer, type tests and other forms of cooperation. Hydraulic slow-close butterfly check valve has been a joint research and development of new products, Hefei Institute has done a lot of analysis work in water modeling, type test, completed in 2010 Guigang (Guangxi) Power Plant DN2400 development trial.

        The Technical Center and Taiyuan University of Technology Yangquan Institute joint built Yangquan Valve Research Institute of Taiyuan University of Technology Yangquan Valve Co., Ltd. Taking advantage of university experts strong force, joint in CAXA three dimensional simulation product design and CAD design, finished the provincial innovation project " multi-seal fuel gas separates " development together. In 2010, completed in the design and development of the provincial innovation projects “Gas Flap Valve” DN800.

        In order to promote the healthy development of the Associate Companies, to enhance the company's production scale, established the cooperation relationship with the Jiangsu Xintong Valve Manufacturing Co., ltd., set up Yangquan Valve Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Xintong Big-caliber Metallurgical Valve Research Institute which is professional produce large diameter valves. Completed in design and production of Z944H-1 DN2000 welding gate valve in 2010.